Pet Teeth Restorations

Crowns & Fillings for Pets in Milwaukee

At Veterinary Dental Specialists of Wisconsin, we are highly experienced in restorative techniques and applications.  We use many of the same restoratives (fillings) that are used in people.  The sealants and restoratives can help reduce tooth sensitivity, protect the tooth from fracture or infection, and potentially improve the appearance of the tooth.

Restorations are sometimes indicated with fractured teeth, cavities, abnormal dental wear, enamel defects, after endodontic therapy, and many other reasons.  The type of restoratives can range from sealing exposed dentin from a minor fracture on a tooth, to full metal crown therapy.  During your pet’s consultation, the veterinary dentist will discuss with you if a restoration is needed for your pet as well as what type of restoration would be best.

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