Oral Tumors

Treating Dog & Cat Oral Tumors in Milwaukee

Oral growths or masses can develop in cats and dogs. These tumors (any abnormal growth) can be malignant/cancerous, or benign/noncancerous.  Some cancerous tumors can look benign, and some benign tumors can look cancerous.

Therefore, it is key to have a veterinarian examine these growths. Your veterinarian may refer your pet to a board-certified dentist for evaluation and treatment.

Imagine such as dental radiographs (x-rays) or advanced imaging such as a CT or CBCT may be needed. A biopsy is very important to determine what type of tumor it is (cancerous or noncancerous) and how it will behave (invasive or non-invasive, slow or fast spreading, etc.).

Once we have the diagnosis, we can start to develop an appropriate treatment plan. This may require additional surgery, or it may require visiting an oncologist to discuss chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other treatment modalities.

Many of the tumors commonly found in cats and dogs can be treated when caught early.  That is one of many reasons it is important to get comfortable looking in your pet’s mouth.  Daily teeth brushing will also help detect problems sooner.

If you are concerned your pet may have an abnormal growth or swelling, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help your pet.

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