Our Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery Services

Dental radiology is essential to providing proper pet dental care.

Annual professional dental cleanings under anesthesia are essential in maintaining your dog or cat’s overall health.

Discolored teeth can be painful for pets and should be taken to a veterinarian specializing in dental pathology.

We are skilled in and have performed many procedures to treat oral tumors.

Orthodontic treatments aim to ensure every pet has a pain-free and functional bite.

Periodontal disease (PD) is the most prevalent disease in cats and dogs.

We are highly experienced in composite restoration and bonded sealants.

Root Canal Therapy is frequently used instead of surgical extraction to save teeth with trauma or infection.

Vital Pulp Therapy is a common procedure performed in the mouth of dogs and cats. If done safely and well it can provide the patient with a pain-free mouth.

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